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Brittany Alexander

“Nick's online training was amazing! It can be very challenging to start and grow a business, but Nick's program lays out step by step how to do it. He shows you how you can be come the go to person in your industry, build credibility, and book high ticket clients on a consistent basis. I highly recommend getting his training program if you're an entrepreneur or business owner looking to sell to businesses. If you follow what he says and take action you can get results fast."

Gavriel Mor

“I was struggling to land clients before enrolling in the Freelancer Client Acquisition System. I literally learned one thing that changed the game for me and a few month's later I'm a six figure freelancer. Thank you for all of your help."

Sophia Delgado

“From day one I knew I was getting value for my money, for my investment. I've already made my money back three-fold!...Nick, you are more than generous with your time and your ideas and concepts. If I had to do it all over again, I'd pay twice what I paid!"

Uri Bialostozky

“The Freelancer Client Acquisition System has been  unbelievable for me! I was really having a lot of trouble with landing business clients and getting through the noise. It was so frustrating and I tried everything from buying Grant Cardone's course to reading books on sales and nothing really worked. I can safely say that Nick's online training program is 10x better than everything else that I have tried. My business has been growing rapidly since he showed me how to crack into corporate accounts."

Sage Burmeister

“This training program helped me tremendously in my company's growth! The team helped me build a predictable strategy that has allowed me to connect with companies that I had previously struggled to get in the door with previously! If you are looking to grow your business and having trouble with prospecting and spending a ton of time trying to generate leads, this is an absolute must!

Kurt Corbett 

“I literally had to make a testimonial for the team. I enrolled in the program and started implementing what I learned and landed a $17K contract in less than 48 hours. If that doesn't deserve a testimonial I don't know what does."

Stephen Bryant

“Before enrolling in the Freelancer Client Acquisition System I couldn't land a single client on Upwork. I was very skeptical at first but after four weeks in the program I hit $40K in one month on just Upwork alone. Now after 6 months in the program I'm applying their marketing automation methods and have hit $100K per month consistently throughout the past three months. Next stop is $1M per month! Thanks Nick, your ninja methods literally transformed my business. I'm so grateful for this program and recommend it to any agency owner or freelancer. 

Morgan Couch

“It is so hard today to find good information on how to start or grow a business. Nick is rare and gives you so much value for free. Just go read his Forbes articles, its like getting an MBA in business. Nick Tubis's training program is world class and he teaches you things that work and you can actually use right now. He walks you through a step by step process that works extremely well and his program is awesome for people who want to start a new business or really scale up their existing company. I highly recommend investing into his online training program."

Ethan Laser

"Nick Tubis knows what he's doing when it comes to high ticket client acquisition. His online training program is incredibly valuable. Nick's strategies on brand positioning, cold email marketing, and LinkedIn lead acquisition are tried and tested through his own successful ventures. If you're an entrepreneur and you want to grow your company, I highly recommend working with Nick."

Brittany Diamond 

"The Freelancer Client Acquisition System is by far the best training program for aspiring freelancer and agency owners. I was really struggling and had not idea how to get clients. After one week enrolling in the program I had landed my first client. Well worth the investment"

Dan Nguyen

"The Freelancer Client Acquisition System  has taught me so much about entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales. The content is fire and give you a huge edge over of the freelancers.  The week on marketing automation is flat out insane. Nick Tubis gives you his proven emails that you can model that are the exact ones that landed him meetings and deals with companies like ADT, Hilton, Amazon, Samsung, and Wells Fargo. The program is a no brainer. 

Joshua Dean Church

"This course is the real deal! it got me up and running with a strategy that helped me land several high ticket clients right out of the gate.. Thanks to his training, I'm in control of the number of sales calls I get on. I HIGHLY recommend investing into this online training program and if you follow it and take massive action your results could be extraordinary."

Brad Bearden

"I have a lot of respect for Nick Tubis. He's a budding entrepreneur with tons of energy and has a deep understanding of how business owners think. Nicks approach to client acquisition is unique and works great for any entrepreneur who is selling to a business. Nick has worked with some of the biggest names in the personal development industry."

Ekema Albert

"The resource is just so amazing. It is helping me a lot. I'll recommend it to any freelancer"

Nick Fisher

"Freelancer Clients and Nick Tubis have the best insight I've ever seen on how to quickly get traction on Upwork. Fire content!"

Phil Alfaro

"This course and support system is an incredible resource. Learning how to leverage the Gig Economy is essential in today's market. Freelancer Clients is a strategy and a step-by-step guide for mastermind the skills!"

Damilare Macaulay

"I wish I had access to these resources when I was first started out. is hands down best the best resource that will help you get more clients. I've learned a ton from them and recommend checking out the Freelancer Client Acquisition System."

Nate Graham 

"I have been a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork for 5 years now. I was amazed when I saw the quality of training that Nick and the team at FreelancerClients were producing. In fact, just implementing ONE of the strategies in this training was able to increase my bottom line by 126% this year alone. Worth every penny."

Alex Barksby

"Imagine you could have hour-long chats with freelancers already earning 5,6 & 7 figures on Upwork! Nick's training program is an absolute  game-changer"

Stephanie McKay

"I was mind blown when Nick Tubis showed me the ins and outs of Upwork. I've referred countless friends to this program because of the results"

Mark Pappas

"After being in the program for just a few hours, I managed to get invited to my first job on Upwork! This program has given me the tribe of support I was looking for". 

Greg Caminiti

"Thanks to this program our agency has been able to get to six figures per month. All of our customer acquisition methods have come from Nick's program. Our goal is now to get 7 figures per month"

Michelle Mor

"The Freelancer Client Acquisition System helped me turn my finance skills and experience into a profitable freelance business. The past year has been amazing because I've been able to escape the 9-5 and do the traveling I've always wanted."
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